A Rustic and Patched Shinafu Work Bag: Linden Fiber Cloth

$225.00 USD

19 1/4" x 12", 49 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a rustic, drawstring work bag that is hand stitched from shinafu or cloth that has been woven from fibers hand harvested and hand plied from the inner bark of the linden tree.

Shinafu's qualities are that it is a wiry, tough cloth that can be put to hard work; it is not in anyway supple and it is usually used for household or work items, rarely for clothing.

This bag is well-used as can be seen by its patina and by the loss to the corner on the lower, proper left of the bag. As also can be seen when the bag is turned inside-out it is lined with a sakabukuro or a sake filter--this is a nice surprise.

This bag was acquired with two others one of which was dated Showa 12 or roughly 1938 so we can assume this one is the same age since all three bags are identical in size and construction.

Shinafu is one of Japan's beautiful, indigenous bast textiles and this bag with its patina and its use in the home or for work is a really good example of this historical cloth.