A Rustic and Antique Boro Fragment: Wonderful Patina

$55.00 USD

ca. mid to late nineteenth century
39" x 13", 99 cm x 33 cm

This indigo dyed cotton boro fragment is an old one, and it shows much surface patina and some loss: it seems that this piece has been recycled many times before it has assumed its current form.

It is mainly of narrow striped cotton, and it is hand sewn from two pieces of cloth.  Interestingly, on the proper, left, front of the piece there is some evidence of stitching done with hemp thread, which is always a plus when considering old boro fabrics.

The piece is interesting on both sides and the back is shown here.  The proper back of this fragment is stitched with a patch of sankuzushi or a kind of woven check whose look is akin to a woven bamboo mat--sankuzushi is emblematic of 19th century textiles.

For all its wear and loss, this handsome piece is not delicate, it still has quite a bit of vitality.

A beauty.

A Rustic and Antique Boro Fragment: Wonderful Patina