A Roll of Heavy Hand Woven Hemp: Miao People

$195.00 USD

305" x 11 1/4", 7.74 m x 28.5 cm

This is a length of rustically hand woven. undyed, hemp cloth from the Miao people of southern China. The Miao people are extremely well-known for the beauty and ornament of their culture, from elaborate silver headdresses, mammoth cloth head coverings and, probably most especially, for their remarkably beautiful indigo dyed cloth.

Although undyed, this length of hemp feels beautiful in the hand: a glossy, semi-rough texture, it is drapey and heavy, and its fibers are a naturally beautiful shade of medium brown.

The cloth is hand finished on its two short ends.  On one end is hand written "8.4/ 48" which is still visible and somehow adds charm to this length.

A lovely, long piece of heavy, hand woven hemp cloth from a beautiful ethnic group within China.

A Roll of Heavy Hand Woven Hemp: Miao People