A Roll of Hand Plied Hemp and Indigo Dyed Cotton Kaya: Mosquito Netting

$275.00 USD

early twentieth century
6 yards x 14", 5.4 m x 35.5 cm

This is half a full bolt of hand plied, hand woven, over dyed indigo, rustic mosquito netting. It shows narrow, warp-based cotton stripes that are dyed in a light blue tone. The light blue color of the cotton stripes has a luminous effect when placed against the dullish green tone of the hemp cloth.

This length is finished at one of its two sides and the weaving is good as can be seen by looking at the detail photos provided here. The used condition of this used length is also attractive as there is a kind of warmth that goes along with cloth that is woven as many decades ago as this was.

The color is rich and warm and the yarns are wiry, hand plied and attractive.

This is a very good, very generously-sized length of old kaya which is beautiful in and of itself but also can lend itself to many applications in the home.