A Roll of Hand Plied, Hand Woven Hemp Cloth: Wiry Yarns

$390.00 USD

early twentieth century
11 yards x 13 1/4", 10 m x 33.5 cm

This is a full bolt of rustic, hand plied, hand woven hemp or ramie cloth--quite wonderful and rare to fine.

The fibers are thick and wiry and the cloth woven from them is of a rough texture and was likely intended to be used to create utilitarian objects such as storage bags, noren or some other type of cloth used for work.

The length is in remarkably good condition for its age with no stains or holes. It has a vertical row of kanji or Chinese characters which are hand written on the end of the bolt.

The color is of undyed, bast fiber that has somewhat oxidized over the decades.

This is a handsome full bolt of hand woven hemp or ramie cloth that has many applications aside from being admired as the beautiful artifact it is.