A Richly Repaired and Beautifully Tattered Work Coat: Boro in Layers

$695.00 USD

early twentieth century
31" x 38", 78.75 cm x 96.5 cm (shoulder to hem, sleeve tip to sleeve tip)

This tattered beauty is full of visual surprises--it is equally beautiful on all its four sides: front, back, inside and out.

You can see that it has been used hard which, of course, is one of the primary characteristics of a boro textile.

In this case there is much to note: the proper right sleeve has split at the bottom seam; the proper right hem has been torn off to create asymmetrical front panels. As well there is ample abrasion to the collar and shoulder areas as well as throughout the body of the piece.

But look at all the photos which seek to illustrate the richness of the history of the patching and stitching done to this garment: it is a study in mending, in repairing and in cultivating a long life for an essential garment.

This is a fractured beauty and one that conveys the strength and determination of whoever owned it, and one can rest assured that this coat has seen years and years of service, probably in Northeastern Japan.

Recommended highly.