A Richly Patched Mosquito Net: Three Panels

$225.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
71" x 33", 180.5 cm x 84 cm

This is a beautifully assembled and patched hemp kaya or traditional mosquito netting.  

These three panels, hand stitched to one another and made from five separate pieces, were taken from a larger mosquito netting which would have been composed as a tent. The tent would have been suspended from the ceiling of a room and would have enclosed a bed or beds

The green color is rich and vibrant and it is almost assuredly due to a synthetic dyestuff.

It is the profusion of patches and their placement all over the area of this kaya that make this a wonderful folk textile to behold, and one that will no doubt give a great deal of pleasure over time.  It looks especially good when back lit--hanging in a window, for example--as the rhythm of its patches and seams is defined by light passing through it.

There are some holes and some loose yarns on this kaya, but none of its flaws detracts from its beauty.


A Richly Patched Mosquito Net: Three Panels