A Reversible, Sashiko Stitched Boro Furoshiki: Two Distinct Sides

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
57" x 52", 145 cm x 132 cm

This battered and nicked sashiko stitched cotton furoshiki--a traditional wrapping or hauling cloth--has been well-used and well-repaired and it shows patches and mending on its two sides.

Each of the corners is sashiko stitched in white cotton thread. The cotton base cloth is of graded, warp-based stripes, maybe taken from a futon cover. 

The cotton base cloth shows a good amount of small cuts and tears some of which are shown on the detail photos which accompany this post. 

However the real interest in this piece is patching and mending of the two very distinct sides of the furoshiki and, in some cases, how the mending intersects or runs into the sashiko stitched corners.

Please note the center of this cloth does not lay flat. It is distended due to its former life carrying bundles of things.

A beautiful, roughed-up, boro textile that shows traces of its life of work.