A Reversible Cotton Boro Kotatsugake: Zanshi Panel

$236.00 USD

**reduced from $295.00**
early to mid twentieth century
62" x 60", 157.5 cm x 152.5 cm

This fully reversible cotton textile is hand stitched from a lovely combination of hand woven, striped plaid and cotton cloth.  The proper front shows a panel of hand woven zanshi cotton, a cloth woven from leftover yarn which results in the block of light colored cotton shown in the middle, top: in this area of cloth, light-colored weft yarns were substituted for the indigo yarns used on the rest of the piece. The plaid border is also a variant of zanshi cloth. The back is assembled from a beautiful combination of hand loomed plaid cloth.

It is a handsome example of Japanese traditional re-purposing of existing material.

The large, cloth is hand stitched from two layers and was used  as a cover for a kotatsu, a traditional, heated table that would be covered in blankets under which members of a family would gather to share warmth.  Electric kotatsugake, or kotatsu covers, are still used to this day in many Japanese homes.

This kotatsugake shows two distinct sides, as mentioned above: the front side showing striped cloth (primarily) and the back side showing a field of plaid cotton. Each side is patched, mended, and shows wear in the form of snags and small holes.

The condition of this kotatsugake is and used. 

A wonderful, utilitarian cloth from old Japan.