A Reversible and Pieced Boro Kimono: Wonderful Lining

$295.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
48" x 46", 122 cm x 117 cm

Featured here is the proper inside of a pieced cotton kimono--the interior is beautifully pieced and patched from a variety of recycled cottons and if you look at the ample detail photos here you will notice the lovely piecing and stitching.

Both the back and front of the inside of the kimono are interesting--as is the proper outside of the kimono which is hinted at in detail photos here.

The proper outside is very subtly pieced from old, deep colored cottons which makes this coat wearable (if chosen to be) and certainly reversible as both sides of this kimono are visually interesting.

A substantially good boro kimono with a great deal of visual interest, this is recommended for those who are looking for a boro garment to display or wear.