A Resist Dyed Happi: Indigo Dyed Cotton Uniform

$145.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
37" x 46", 94 cm x 117 cm

This is a seemingly unused happi which is a resist dyed cotton jacket used as a uniform. 

The indigo dyed cotton is fairly heavy weight and somewhat stiff from not having been worn.

Because it was sleeping for so many years the cloth of this jacket shows some ingrained creases and very, very slight discoloration along them, almost unnoticeable. 

Overall the quality is good, the indigo is rich in color and the resisted designs are sharp.

The kanji or Chinese characters that are resist dyed on the back of the jacket are interesting in the way they are rendered with a kind of rippled or trembling effect. The kanji on the front collar seem to indicate that this happi was worn at a sushi restaurant.

The dimensions noted above are shoulder to hem x sleeve tip to sleeve tip.

Still very wearable and undeniably a handsome example of a happi this is a good looking old uniform that is very serviceable even today.