A Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Large Central Family Crest

$115.00 USD

early twentieth century
43" x 37", 109.25 cm x 94 cm

This is a fairly good-sized indigo dyed cotton furoshiki which is hand stitched from three panels. The cotton seems to be hand spun and it certainly is hand woven.

The furoshiki shows a centrally placed, tsutsugaki dyed family crest depicting the popular kiri or paulownia flower motif which is boldly rendered in the freehand paste-resist technique.

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese carrying or wrapping cloth that is generally square-shaped and is used for the hauling and storing of goods.

This one is in good, used condition and as can be seen from the detail photos here there is are two faint stains which are barely visible on the undyed cotton and there is a bit of loss to the proper right selvedge of he piece in the center of the cloth.

The indigo dyed is a deep blue/black tone and the graphic appeal of the cloth is readily apparent.

A beautiful piece to display or to use.