A Resist Dyed Furoshiki: Chinese Characters or Kanji

$196.00 USD

**reduced from $245.00**
early to mid twentieth century
48" x 53", 122 cm x 134.6 cm

This is an indigo dyed cotton furoshiki or a traditional cloth used for wrapping, hauling or storage. It is resist-dyed with a shop name, "Hachiman ya" whose kanji or Chinese characters are playfully arranged on the surface of the cloth. 

The furoshiki has been machine stitched and finished, and that said it still seems the cloth is old as it has great appeal. The furoshiki has been used hard in its lifetime and we can see that in the fading, the overall surface abrasion, the slight pitting to the surface of the furoshiki, the distended center of the cloth and the two hand stitched repairs, both shown on the accompanying detail photos.

This is a good-sized furoshiki and one that has provided good service to those at Hachiman ya, the store with which it is associated.

This is a very nice looking, traditional furoshiki.