A Resist Dyed Fireman's Coat: Mid 20th Century

$165.00 USD

mid twentieth century
36" x 48", 91.5 cm x 122 cm

This is a very handsome, resist-dyed cotton fireman's coat which is entirely machine stitched, which means it dates to the mid twentieth century.  It was probably used for ceremonial purposes only, and it appears to have been only lightly worn, if at all.

The cotton is of good quality and the indigo dye seems to be natural.  The resist dyed design, too, is bold, graphic and quite striking: along the shoulder area it is clear to see that there are vermilion colored details, while on the back of the coat there are grey-toned designs which sit on the indigo colored base.

The kanji, or Chinese characters on the eri, or lapel, tell us that this coat is from Tokyo's Kami-Azabu fire station, sixth brigade.

A really lovely jacket with some age and some interesting history--in quite good condition.

A Resist Dyed Fireman's Coat: Mid 20th Century