A Resist Dyed Cotton Shrine Banner: Dated Ansei 5 or 1858

$245.00 USD

dated Ansei 5 or roughly the equivalent of1858
102" x 13", 259 cm x 33 cm

This very long indigo dyed cotton banner is resist dyed and belonged to a Shinto shrine dedicated to the "god or rice and prosperity," Inari. 

The resist dyed calligraphy is spirited, graphic and beautifully scaled to the narrow, tall format of the banner.

It is quite amazing that this piece whose date "Ansei 5" is noted on it is in the pristine condition it is in: it is quite possible that this piece was never displayed and was coffered for the 150+ years since its making. 

The cotton cloth is beautifully woven and the cotton yarns are hand spun: the "thread flavor" is rich and the cloth is definitely of the type that was used in the mid nineteenth century.

The piece hangs from a bamboo rod which no doubt was added recently to allow a easy way to display.

This is a treasure of piece for its age, for its content and for its condition.

Really lovely.