A Repaired Wooden Mayuzara: Shallow Dish used in Sericulture

$175.00 USD

early twentieth century
diameter: 11 1/4" x 2", diameter: 28.5 cm x 5 cm

This is a shallow, hand carved, lightweight, round-shaped wooden tray which has split in the center. The damage is beautifully and artfully repaired with a copper wire.

This kind of plate is called a mayuzara. Mayuzara were used in sericulture for the handling of cocoons and related activity regarding this process. In old Japan it was customary for a family to have a side business of raising silkworms, the cocoons of which would be sold off to a broker.

The wood is lightweight and might be paulownia, a wood used often to make furniture and boxes. It is darkened from handling and wear and if you look at the bottom of this attractive bowl you will see faded and abraded hand-written kanji or Chinese characters.

This is not only a beautiful object to display it is also functional: it is a super handsome folk object and one with a rich history.