A Repaired Sashiko Stitched Furoshiki: Re-purposed Cloth

$85.00 USD

early twentieth century
41" x 37", 104 cm x 94 cm

furoshiki is a traditional wrapping, storage or hauling cloth which is still very much in use all over Japan.

The proper reverse side of the deeply indigo dyed cotton furoshiki is highlighted here and it shows about 4 patches which are strategically placed on the surface. The patches relate to the mending and reinforcing of the cloth due to a lifetime of wear and heavy use.

There is white sashiko stitching on only one of its four corners and the stitching is done in a rudimentary manner.

The color of the relatively heavy, hand spun, hand woven cotton is of a dark toned indigo; the furoshiki is completely hand stitched of three panels of this indigo dyed cotton. The cloth that is used to compose the

Please note the center area of the furoshiki is slightly distended from wear and on the lead photo this is fairly easy to see. As well it seems the furoshiki was stitched from worn and re-purposed cloth as its two panels on right and left show a seam that might mean the cloth was taken from somewhere else to be used here.