A Really Beautiful Red Han Juban: Boro Half Under Kimono

$395.00 USD

mid twentieth century
19" x 36", 48.25 cm x 91.5 cm

This is a multi-layered, heavy weight and absolutely beautifully tattered han juban or a half under kimono.

It was hand stitched from beautiful recycled pieces of cotton in shades of red, pink, orange and white, most of the cottons being commercially woven.

The han juban is a riot of color and stitching, and it was worn hard as can be seen by the shredded and tattered surfaces of many of the cotton pieces: shown here is the proper inside of the han juban which is why this side is so battered.

This kind of brightly colored, mid twentieth century boro garment is increasingly hard to find these days so it is a joy to present it to you on this post.

Very recommended.