A Pristine Indigo Cotton Noragi: Akita Shibori

$185.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
36" x 48", 91.5 cm x 122 cm (hem to shoulder x sleeve tip to sleeve tip)

This is a beautifully constructed, indigo dyed cotton noragi or work coat, the top of the jacket being sewn from a spare, white-on-blue shibori from Japan's eastern region, which is generally referred to as Akita shibori.

The shibori design suggests a languid stream and floating flowers; the tones are a stark white against a deep, deep indigo blue.

The bodice of this jacket is of deeply dyed indigo cotton; the interior is lined with a medium-tone indigo dyed cotton.

This garment seems never to have been worn; the cotton is supple and easy.  To refresh this jacket which had been sitting for decades in storage, we gave it a quick wash to freshen it up.

A really lovely thing.

A Pristine Indigo Cotton Noragi: Akita Shibori