A Pieced Silk Furoshiki: End Bolts and Remnants

$295.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
44" x 36 3/4", 111.75 cm x 93.3 cm

This very drapey textile is hand stitched from many pieces of re-purposed silk, most of them seemingly commercially loomed.

This appears to be a furoshiki or a fukusa--because it is "fancy" and made from silk it was probably used for more ceremonial purposes than a regular furoshiki is used for:  a "regular" furoshiki is used for wrapping, hauling or storage. This might have been used in the presentation of gifts.

On of the pieces on the central column on its front side uses a piece salvaged from a bolt as can be seen by the stamps on the piece. The other silk pieces are a combination of plain crepe silk, Meisen silk, commercially printed silk and pieces that show some hand painting.

The back is primarily a damask silk with a central column made of pieces of commercially produced silks and a stamped one from an end bolt.

This wonderfully mashed-up, home made silk furoshiki shows the enduring practice of using every possible, available material, even if the result is something visually loud and spirited as this one is.

Super delightful.