A Pieced Silk Fukusa: Paper Backed

$145.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
27 3/4" x 27 1/2", 70.5 cm x 70 cm

This is a piece constructed, square-format silk cloth of a type known as fukusa.

A fukusa is a decorative type of cloth used to cover and ceremonially present a gift on a special occasion. Very often fukusa show elaborate and intricate embroidery depicting auspicious symbols or they can be as this one is, purely decorative and meant to be fancy.

It is unclear if the piece is hand stitched but it seems it might not be. Each of the silk pieces that compose the fukusa is about 2 1/8" or 5.25 cm square. As can be seen, there is a red colored square that is inserted in the design in ordered intervals. This placement of red color is a stabilizing element in the design.

Each of the four corners bears a black tassel. Basting stitches run the perimeter of the cloth and frame it.

The reverse is white cotton that shows hand writing, the white cotton is stained and shows obvious traces of wear.

A special and cheerful textile, this was clearly made to be regarded as out-of-the-ordinary.