A Pieced Kotatsugake of Commercial Cottons: Boldly Arranged Design

$245.00 USD

mid twentieth century
71" x 72", 180.5 cm x 183 cm

This large-sized blanket-like cotton cloth is a kotatsugake which is a cover for a traditional brazier. As the kotatsu (brazier) was placed under a table to provide a heat source in the home, this kind of heavy cloth cover was draped over the table in order to keep the heat contained so a family could sit around it while covering their legs and enjoying some heat.

This boldly pieced and designed kotatsugake is machine stitched from commercially produced, re-used cottons. The design is restrained in its color and its use of pattern, probably unintentional but a joy to look at. As you can see there are some hand stitched details on the kotatsugake.

Each side is very different in mood and it is a joy to compare them both in order to determine which is the more favored side.

This every day cloth is simply arranged and visually alluring; it is made of around two layers of cloth and has a nice, heavy drape.

It can be used as a bed cover or throw but you might want to display as art. It can certainly hold a wall. It is interesting to look at.