A Pieced Futon Cover of Lightweight Cotton: Varied Modern Kasuri

$125.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
60" x 48", 152.5 cm x 122 cm

This is a futon cover that has been hand stitched from around 36 pieces of lightweight, kasuri-like cotton which have been dyed in saturated colors and show spirited, large-scale patterns. 

The cover shows about a dozen different patterns.

The cotton cloth is lightweight and is breaking in some areas as can be seen in some of the attached detail photographs.

The kasuri cloth was more than likely produced on old-fashioned power looms with a good deal of hand work that went into its preparation before weaving.

This is a really wonderfully exuberant type of futon cover with lots of good cloth composing it--because the cotton is light weight this piece takes on a stained glass-like quality when back lit.