A Pieced Cotton Kasuri Coat: Textile Tradition from Tsushima

$325.00 USD

mid twentieth century
Shoulder to hem: 44", 112 cm
Sleeve tip to sleeve tip: 46", 117 cm

This beautifully piece-constructed indigo dyed cotton kimono is of a type which was made on Tsushima, an island in Japan's far west region which is situated fairly near Korea.

Tsushima is well-known for specialized and now collectible textile traditions, most especially a beautifully subtle type of hemp and cotton weaving that has become a cultural emblem of Tsushima.

This style of pieced kimono is also associated with Tsushima and this type most likely developed in the early twentieth century. It is hand stitched from at least 9 different types of kasuri cotton, the combination of which is sophisticated and is wonderfully entertaining for the eye.

The coat shows wear and just a bit of fraying here and there, but overall it is in good condition--the narrow sleeves, called "gun barrel" make it difficult for many people to wear, but it is a traditional Japanese sleeve form.