A Pieced Cloth of Old Cottons: Folded, Stitched and Two Layers

$68.00 USD

**reduced from $85.00**
early to mid twentieth century
44" x 48", 112 cm x 122 cm

This soft and faded cotton textile is hand stitched and hand pieced from older pieces of cotton. It seems to be a futon cover or sleeping mat that has been folded in half and sashiko stitched in widely spaced vertical rows.

The cloth is softened from time and wear and shows wide woven stripes and a large-scale kasuri. The proper bottom edge shows loss and some tattering and there are a few subtle patched repairs to the body of the piece.

The size is a good one to be used as a throw or some other similar home accessory. The warm brownish colors are harmonious with one another and the indigo cotton patch to the front of the piece provides a nice foil to the warm colors.

Beautifully simple.