A Pieced Boro Furoshiki: Katazome and Kasuri

$125.00 USD

early twentieth century
34" x 37", 86.25 cm x 94 cm

This is a traditional wrapping/carrying cloth called a furoshiki that is made of recycled cloth: on the left is a field of lightweight, indigo dyed cotton katazome cloth and on the right is a column of heavier weight kasuri or ikat cotton which is hand stitched fromĀ about six various-sizedĀ pieces and is illustrated in the attached detail photos.

The lightweight katazome cloth is stitched from three a pieces and shows the traditional design motif called tsurukame or crane and tortoise, in this case rendered in roundels and set against a backdrop of arabesque.

As can be seen by viewing the back of the furoshiki, also illustrated here, there are patches, threadbare areas and a few holes, all consistent with age and wear to a utilitarian cloth.

It is interesting that the choices of cloth were fairly arbitrary when making this furoshiki: pairing cloth of two different weights is not a usual choice, but unusual things happen when using cast off materials.

A lovely piece, interesting on both sides.


A Pieced Boro Furoshiki: Katazome and Kasuri