A Pieced and Stitched Katazome Shikimono: Unusual Neutral Color Palette

$316.00 USD

**reduced from $395.00**
early to mid twentieth century
62" x 30", 157.5 cm x 76 cm

This is a double-sided cloth that has been hand stitched from repurposed cotton, primarily figured katazome dyed cloth.

The overall taupe/silver/grey/brown tone is unusual for this type of cloth. The color of the katazome cloth makes for an interesting base for the patching which was seemingly meant to harmonize with this base cloth of unusual tone.

The cloth is stitched all over as can be seen in the detail photos and it is different in design on both its sides. What is presented here as the "front" of the cloth shows surface abrasion and some loss which is noted in the detail photos that accompany this post.

The dimensions of this cloth are somewhat in proportion to the human body and that is for a reason.

The cloth was used for sleeping, either by lying directly on the cloth which was placed on the floor or by placing a futon on top of it.

This body proportion is an appealing feature of this shikimono as it imbues it with a sense of humanness; it reminds us that these types of hand made boro textiles were actually used by people and were made specifically for an individual.

Of its type this is unusual for its color--and it is very nice for its design and for the good deal of hand work that is displayed on it.