A Pieced and Reconfigured Tsutsugaki Panel: Stylized Cherry Blossoms

$125.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
61" x 13", 155 cm x 33 cm

This length of hand spun, hand woven cotton is dyed in the tsutsugaki method--or freehand paste resist method--using two tones of natural indigo. The length is hand stitched from three pieces.

It shows highly stylized cherry blossoms with unusually elongated petals set against a swirling shape which is probably meant to suggest a stream or brook.

The style of drawing used here suggests the influence of Art Nouveau whose style was widely known and adapted by many countries and cultures by the end of the 19th century--in fact Japanese design more than likely had an impact on the germination of the Art Nouveau style.

The bottom portion of the length shows two, round shapes which were taken from another piece: the juxtaposition of these large areas of blue with the beautifully drawn cherry blossoms and water is jarring and visually interesting. Please note some holes to the bottom, right corner of the length.

A beautiful length of old tsutsugaki dyed cotton with a wonderful design presence.