A Pieced and Patched Furoshiki: Thickly Woven Indigo Dyed Cottons

$325.00 USD

early twentieth century
53" x 48", 134.5 cm x 122 cm

This furoshiki or traditional wrapping cloth is hand stitched from around ten separate pieces of cloth.

The cotton cloth, by and large, is of a nice, tight weave and is heavyweight. Some of it is a kind of overdyed kasuri cotton, details of which are shown in the accompanying photos. One of the panels shows two types of kasuri cotton, both double kasuri meaning that the warp and the weft are dyed before weaving, thus creating a complex design.

As well you will see a sliver of Edo komon, or an all-over, small figured, 19th century cloth which shows what appear to be gingko leaves.

There is one tie attached to the upper, left-hand corner. The lower, right-hand corner is missing. 

The cotton is all hand woven, much is hand spun, and the configuration of patterns to plain indigo cloth is artful and beautiful to see.

A wonderful old furoshiki which is made from repurposed cottons.

Please note that the center of the cloth is slightly distended from wear and does not lay perfectly flat.