A Piece Constructed Hemp Koshimaki: Subtle Patterns

$95.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
29 1/4" x 47 cm, 74.25 cm x 119.5 cm

A koshimaki is an apron-like half-slip that was worn under women's kimono.  This particular koshimaki seems not to have been worn as it shows little wear, its hemp is still quite stiff and there are no ties, which are customary on old koshimaki.

This particular koshimaki is hand stitched from 8 pieces of cloth: with the exception of the figured cotton piece seen on the top, left corner, the other seven pieces are a very stiff, woven hemp whose color is a very deep blue-black base with white checks.

The proportions of the piecing is very nice, as is its symmetry.  There is a kind of rationalist sense of order to the construction of this koshimaki, and the subtle play of stripe/pattern/check is just lovely.

An extremely handsome textile from old Japan, and one that is completely hand made.

A Piece Constructed Hemp Koshimaki: Subtle Patterns