A Piece Constructed Han Juban: Recycled Cottons

$75.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
24 1/2" x 45", 62.5 cm x 114.25 cm

A han juban is a half-length under-kimono and this one, like many were in old Japan, is hand stitched from recycled cloth.

In this case, the bodice seems to be refashioned from an indigo dyed kimono. The arms are piece-constructed and the area nearest the bodice is made from commercially printed cotton: the armholes or edged in brown colored cotton velour.

The subtle colors and the simple construction of this old han juban make it attractive, and certainly it is still very well-constructed and therefore it can most certainly be worn.

A simple and beautiful old garment from a time in Japan when repurposing cloth was a common practice.

A Piece Constructed Han Juban: Recycled Cottons