A Piece Constructed Cotton Drawstring Bag: Komebukuro

$75.00 USD
mid twentieth century
7 1/2" x 7" x 7", 44.45 cm x 17.75 cm x 17.75 cm

This kind of piece-constructed, drawstring bag is often referred to as a komebukuro Komebukuro are bags that were used to bring token offerings of uncooked rice or beans to a temple or shrine festival, the piecing and patching often being thought-out and planned, for festive effect.

This one is hand stitched of about 13 pieces of striped, checked and kasuri cottons--the pieced design is charming and rustic. The bag closes with a white cotton drawsting which could or could not be original to the bag. It is looped through hand made tabs.

Please do take the time to look at each of the detail photos which accompany this posting in order to enjoy the lovely cloth used to make this rice bag which was seemingly lightly used.

A really lovely komebukuro of good size.

A Piece Constructed Cotton Drawstring Bag: Komebukuro