A Piece Constructed Cotton Coat: Lined and Tattered

$295.00 USD

mid twentieth century
33" x 46", 84" x 117 cm

This is a woman's work coat that is pieced together from striped, kasuri and katazome dyed cottons: the coat shows a fair amount of wear from use and the cottons are faded from use.

Please look at the accompanying detail photos to see the worn and tattered surface of the sleeves and of the unrepaired small tears to the back and collar of the garment.

The jacket is patched in front with two slightly contrasting styles of striped cotton. The lining is a large-scale katazome cotton. The entire jacket is sashiko stitched in vertical rows about 2 1/4", 5.5 cm apart from one another. There are some holes along the shoulder area which in one case is documented on the accompanying detail photos.

A lovely thing and still quite wearable--and interesting for its flaws.

A Piece Constructed Cotton Coat: Lined and Tattered