A Piece Constructed Cotton Cloth: Machine Stitched

$95.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
46" x 34", 117 cm x 86.5 cm

This very attractive piece-constructed cotton cloth was probably intended to be used as a coverlet of some kind, or maybe it was on its way to becoming a duvet or futon cover.

In any case, it is extremely lovely in its coloration and in the way it is constructed using blocks of recycled cottons.

The entire piece, made from about 21 individual scraps of cotton, is entirely machine stitched.  

It is an assemblage of mainly hand loomed cloth, but no doubt there are some pieces of machine loomed cloth within the mix.  Notice the two pale blue pieces of cotton, both faded, and each which shows a washed-out kamon or traditional Japanese family crest.

The overall look and color of this cloth is sensational, and that is machine constructed is testimony to the fact that this kind of traditional piecing of leftover cloth was practiced in Japan well into the mid twentieth century, when this piece was no doubt made.

Really, really beautiful.

A Piece Constructed Cotton Cloth: Machine Stitched