A Piece Constrcuted Work Kimono: Reversible

$195.00 USD

ca. mid twentieth century
40" x 58", 101.5 cm x 147.25 cm  

This is a beautiful, lined work coat which is piece constructed of some wonderful, hand loomed, indigo dyed cotton fabrics.  And, depending how you like the patched and repaired lining, this work coat is also reversible.

The base cloth which is seen on the proper exterior of the coat is an elegant, warp/weft kasuri.  The VERY narrow and tight-fitting sleeves, a type called tepposode, which appear to be like gun barrels, are pieced from the same kasuri as the bodice along with a lovely, blue plaid cloth.  Under the sleeve there is a fairly large gusset which is made from a narrow, striped cotton.

Really subtle.  Really lovely.

The inside of the coat is mended and patched--and it is lovely.  The base cloth is a kind of nappy, almost-flannel cotton which is dyed a very drab grey/green/black/neutral.  This same lining cotton was also used on the eri, or collar part.

The lining is boldly patched, with large swaths of cotton cloth, all the pieces are hand stitched.  The color scheme of the interior is subtle and sophisticated--and it must have been unplanned as this lining was made from scrap cloth and was not intended to be seen.

The condition is good overall, but, as can be expected, it is slightly faded and shows surface abrasion from wear.

A really lovely coat with beautiful fabrics which are beautifully laid out and assembled--and the color palette is rich and carries with it the flavor of old Japan.

If you are planning to wear this coat, just know the sleeves are very narrow.

Really, really lovely.

A Piece Constrcuted Work Kimono: Reversible