A People Tree Block Printed Cotton Sarong: Surreal Repeated Architectural Motif

$75.00 USD

43" x 72",  109 cm x 183 cm

How can you resist this wonderfully unusual, hand printed cotton cloth? 

People Tree, a contemporary textile design studio in New Delhi, creates fabulous, offbeat prints which are made using hand carved wood blocks.

This one, a large, gauzy, clingy, lightweight cotton sarong or dupatta, is just sheer pleasure: it shows a complex pattern based on a motif of architectural arches and stairways, the repeat creating a surreal effect since it appears the the stairways lead to nowhere.

This large, cotton cloth is machine stitched from two pieces, the vertical seam is shown on the accompanying detail photographs.

Machine finished, this hand dyed cotton cloth is a novelty and a curiosity, and certainly it makes you think about creating prints in a new way.

Really fun.