A Patched Plaid Furoshiki: Bright Green Patches

$85.00 USD

mid twentieth century
41" x 38 1/2", 104 cm x 98 cm

This is a really charming, bold textile with a lot going for it.

It is a furoshiki which is traditional square of cloth used for hauling or storage.  This one is composed of three panels of hand woven plaid cloth which has been beautifully sashiko stitched.

Is four corners are decorated using sashiko stitching: two show a stylized chrysanthemum design while two show what appear to be either a folding fan motif or some kind of suggestion of cherry blossom, the cherry blossom's petals are notched, as are these two motifs.  Two of the selvedge edges of this furoshiki are finished with sashiko stitching.  Please note some of the sashiko stitching on the four corners show damage and loss.

The center area of the furoshiki is rich patching, and the patches are oddly colored.  In total there are six patches, three of which are of a chartreuse colored cotton which add a vibrancy to the overall effect.  Please note a snag or tear to the cloth, not terribly noticeable, but in keeping with the age of this piece, and also in line with it having been well-used in its lifetime.  As well, the center portion of the furoshiki is distended from years of use.

A wonderful thing to own, and one with a lot of personality.



A Patched Plaid Furoshiki: Bright Green Patches