A Patched Length of Kasuri Cotton: Kurume

$65.00 USD

mid twentieth century
54" x 12", 137 cm x 30.5 cm

This is a length of indigo dyed boro cotton whose base is kasuri or ikat which appears to be the type woven in Kurume, a city in Kyushu famed for its kasuri production.

The base cloth is simply designed in a white-on-blue repeat of pairs of well covers which are interspersed by intersecting diagonals.  Applied to the surface is a large, black cotton patch above which is a small, white-on-blue cotton kasuri patch.  The contrast of the large, black patch and the small, kasuri patch against the boldly designed background is wonderful.

A lovely length of boro, kasuri cotton.

A Patched Length of Kasuri Cotton: Kurume