A Patched Length of Indigo Dyed Cotton: Happi

$95.00 USD

early to mid twentieth century
58" x 13 1/2", 147.25 cm x 34.25 cm

This length of resist dyed indigo cotton is one-half a hanten or happi, a coat that was used for work or worn at festivals: the decoration we see in the center of this length would have appeared on the back of the finished garment, when worn.

The cotton is of nice quality and is hand woven; it shows a very nice fading and patina from wear. The patch just below the resisted design covers a slit in the material which would have facilitated this piece draping over the body and creating a collar area.

Note as well the cluster of pieced patches at the top end of the piece--a lovely detail.

A very handsome old cloth that surely owns an interesting, if forgotten, history.