A Patched and Very Tattered Koshimaki: Beautiful Translucency

$225.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
25" x 50", 63.5 cm x 127 cm

A koshimaki is a woman's apron-like half under-kimono, set on the back and tied in the front.

Of course this particular cotton one--very tattered, threadbare and patched--is an extremely rural example as it is hand stitched from scraps of hand woven, hand spun cloth, most of which are either undyed or very faded.

It is beautiful as-is but its much more exciting when seen against light: when back lit (as in the lead photo here) all the component, scavenged, re-applied and hand stitched parts are detailed by the flow of light through the very well-used old cotton.

For those who like all-white boro textiles, this one is for you.

Very recommended.