A Patched Katzaome Panel: Wonderful Color and Mending

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
72" x 12 3/4", 183 cm x 32.25 cm

This is a really beautiful length of katazome dyed boro cotton. Its two tones of blue show a design of hexagons or tortoise shell, each hexagon encloses a stylized chrysanthemum and is bordered by a trailing floral motif. As can be easily seen, this length is hand stitched from two pieces, one of them being the figured katazome cloth while the other is a piece of indigo dyed cotton.

The cotton itself is beautiful. It appears to be hand spun and hand woven, and this thread flavor, or ito aji acts as a beautiful platform for the dyed design.

The eight mending patches are beautiful and are each hand stitched to the base cloth.

This is an very good length of boro cloth and one that should be seriously considered by anyone wishing to collect good quality boro textiles.