A Patched Katazome Dyed Large Cloth: Beautiful Hand Spun Yarns

$380.00 USD

**reduced from $475.00**
late nineteenth, early twentieth century
68 1/2" x 39 1/4", 174 cm x 99.5 cm

This is a large, quite handsome and very nicely made indigo dyed katazome textile which is hand stitched from three panels and which is finished on the top and bottom.

It might have been taken from a larger piece; as the top and bottom edges are finished with hems it seems to have been the case that this might have been extracted from something larger.

The cotton itself is rich. It is hand woven from hand spun cotton; the texture is strong and the cloth itself is fairly thick. In Japan cotton with this hand spun cotton texture is referred to as having ito aji or thread flavor and this is one of the wonderful attributes of old cloth--and it is a desirable one.

Five hand stitched patches are applied to the surface of the piece--and the two narrow patches which are pitched on the diagonal are lovely in combination with each other and they add a visual interest to the overall piece.

The indigo has faded or oxidized to a soft grey tone which is sometimes the case. The pattern is that of stylized chrysanthemums amid a crowded field of arabesques. There is one noticeable hole which is shown on the detail photo here.

The cloth presents as simple but dramatic: its size and scale commands a space. This piece would look very nice on the wall to be appreciated as artwork. As well it can be used in the home in several or many applications.

A very nice piece for its hand spun cotton yarns and its fine presence this is a good quality old cloth from Japan.