A Patched Hemp Kaya: Mosquito Netting Panel

$70.00 USD

early twentieth century
68" x 13", 173 cm x 33 cm 

This is a handsome and wonderful length of boro, rustic, indigo dyed hemp cloth.  This is a panel from a kaya or mosquito netting, hence the very loose, open weave of the cloth.

The color is a faded, pale blue--beautiful and time warn.  The hemp yarns are wiry and hand plied, and thus they  have taken the dye in a slightly uneven fashion, which adds to the country appeal of this length.

There are five patches applied to this boro length, each of which is slightly abraded from years of use.  

This is a charming and really lovely length of old, hemp boro kaya with very good patching and lots of character and thread integrity.


A Patched Hemp Kaya: Mosquito Netting Panel