A Patched Futon Cover Section: Beautiful Old Sanin Kasuri

$275.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
61" x 34", 155 cm x 86 cm

This boro futon cover has been recycled down from another textile and we are lucky that this happened so we get to see the wonderful indigo dyed striped/kasuri cotton from San’in. The kasuri woven in San’in is distinctive in its appearance and shows warp based lines that area foil for the often lyrical images that are rendered in weft yarns.

This good-sized and handsome futon cover is made of five pieces of this cloth which have been hand stitched together; the narrow strip of recycled cotton on the proper right hand side of this textile are randomly gathered and form a contrast to the body of San’in kasuri.

The images shown on the kasuri are lovely. Shown are folding fans, wisteria and cherry blossoms, each image delicate and poetic—and very Japanese.

The surface is patched with several small cotton patches, each of which is in contrast to the base cloth.

A super lovely old boro futon cover made of good, old San’in kasuri of a dense weight and tight weave.