A Patched Four Panel Futon Cover: Minimalist Appeal

$195.00 USD

early twentieth century
65" x 50 1/4", 165 cm x 127.5 cm 

This is a four panel, patched futon cover that is (obviously) hand stitched from recycled cottons.

The two dark-toned panels on the left and the light toned panel on the right are all of hand spun, hand woven cotton. The violet-toned panel on the right hand, center, is a kind of cloth that was typically used for kimono lining material in the early part of the twentieth century.

There are about five cotton patches on the surface; there is a split between the top, two panels on the right as well as a less deep one between the two on the left.

The simplicity of the arrangement of the panels evokes Minimalism, a modern art style which this predates this piece of unintended art by at least 4 decades.

The cotton is lightweight and when displayed on a wall it has a seriously interesting presence.