A Patched Cotton Bag: Edo Komon Fans Pattern

$45.00 USD

late nineteenth century
when laid flat and not folded as shown: 17" x 11 1/2", 43 cm x 29 cm

This is a pouch made from katazome dyed cotton.

The katazome style is called Edo komon which is characterized by a very small repeat, one that when seen from a short distance almost appears to be a solid color, the repeat is that small.

Edo komon, as the name suggests was popular in the late Edo period or the early 19th century.

The pouch is hand stitched from old cotton and the pattern on it is really delightful: it shows fancifully arranged folding fans amid on a ground of flowers.

There are two blue cotton mending patches on the pouch. Really lovely. Really subtle.

A good amount of old Edo komon cotton.

A Patched Cotton Bag: Edo Komon Fans Pattern