A Patched, Boro Hemp Kimono: Translucent

$95.00 USD

late nineteenth, early twentieth century
50" x 44", 127 cm x 112 cm

This brittle and broken hemp kimono is constructed from recycled pieces and it is heavily patched. There are tears and sprays of small holes all over the garment which is shown here inside-out.

Because of the hemp woven cloth it has a natural translucency which is why the lead photos are shown with the kimono back lit: it is quite a striking way to display the piece and one that is recommended for its strong visual impact.

The joy in acquiring this piece is reveling in its brokenness; if you decide to own this please know it will come to you as-is which is to say that it has endured what appears to be several hard lifetimes, its holes, tears and patches attest to this.

A simple and worn-out kimono this piece comes to new life when illuminated. 

A visual joy.

A Patched, Boro Hemp Kimono: Translucent