A Panel from a Sakiori Kotatsugake: Rag Woven Hearth Cover

$88.00 USD

**reduced from $110.00**
mid twentieth century
72" x 14", 183 cm x 35.5 cm

This roughly woven panel is taken from a larger piece: it is part of a kotatsugake which is a square-shaped, heavy cloth that was draped over a table-shaped hearth. Family members would gather around the hearth and slip their legs under the draped cloth to keep warm.

Shredded cotton rags were used for the weft material on this length and as can be seen on the accompanying detail photos the weaving is rustic and at times a bit messy.

What is very nice is that the kotatsugake's original cotton banding can be seen on two of the four sides of this cloth which is a nice detail.

A lovely, beautifully colored length of sakiori cotton.