A Panel from a Rag Woven Kotatsugake: Sakiori

$110.00 USD

mid twentieth century
66" x 14", 167.5 cm x 35.5 cm

This is a really handsome length of sakiori with gorgeous relatively vibrant color on one of its two sides; the other side shows some faint light fading.

Sakiori is a kind of weaving that uses shredded cloth for its weft yarn.

The thick, warp yarns are of orange and blue color cotton which give a striped pattern to the rag weave panel: the weft yarns are beautifully rich hues of orange, vermilion, black and white. The weight of the weave is nice and heavy, and the weave is very even overall.

Most likely this sakiori panel is taken from a kotatsugake or hearth cover.  Its condition is good for being a used cloth and there are no obvious stains or holes that may mar this length.


A Panel from a Rag Woven Kotatsugake: Sakiori