A Pair of Woven Rice Straw Shin Guards: Sakiori Passages

$95.00 USD

early twentieth century
each: 10" x 14 1/4", 25.5 cm x 36 cm

This is a pair or rustic shin guards that have been woven from rice straw with a center feature of woven rag or sakiori.

This pair would have been wrapped around the lower leg to prevent the shins from abrasion, etc., while working. Rice straw was an accessible commodity to people who lived in Japan's rural regions and it was worked into many different types of every day, useful items: sandals, twine, mats and these kind of accessories were commonly woven from rice straw.

The central channel of rag weave more than likely served to strengthen the shin guard and offer the wearer more protection against the elements The color choice and the lovely, identically striped pattern is as inspired as it is functional.

Some abrasion, loss and damage from wear this a very nice pair of rustic, hand made shin guards from country Japan.